Interview with with London based DnB producer Zero T...

What has been your favourite musical moment?
That's an impossible question really :-) There have been many highlights, from getting my first tracks signed to Reinforced Records by 4 Hero back in 2000 to touring Japan to curating a mix CD for Fabric to remixing some of my heroes like Dillinja, Lemon D and Goldie. It's impossible to pick one moment as a favourite! 
What is your ultimate musical dream? 
If you asked me that as a teenager in the 90s it would be to have my music released on the three seminal Drum n Bass labels; Metalheadz, Reinforced and V Recordings and to be flown around the world to play my music to people. I've been lucky enough to have all of that come true, but if I was to pick something now it would be to work with other musical heroes of mine outside of the DnB world.
If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Erykah Badu
Which one of your tracks means the most to you and why?
Another difficult one - like asking who is your favourite child! Different tracks mean different things to me for different reasons. They perform a similar function to me as photographs, mapping out memories of your past. Generally though, the tracks which have resonated the most with the public are the ones that mean the most to me too. "Refusal" and "Walk Away" which introduced my friend Steo and his amazing voice to the world. In more recent years "Roxy Music" and "Little Pieces" are stand outs and I'm particularly proud of the EP I've made with Unitsouled (a nu-jazz instrumental duo) for Lenzmans label, The North Quarter.
When did you first decide you wanted to do music?
I was about 15 years old when I first heard Jungle music, was instantly hooked and by 17 I had my first set of turntables. I was fortunate to get to DJ supporting big UK headliners in Dublin shortly after I turned 18. By 19 I knew I had to produce music if I was to go further, so it was a natural progression really.
If you could only listen to one track for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
What has been the most surreal musical moment for you? 
Probably seeing my name on a poster with the Wu-Tang Clan.
What is the meaning behind your artist name? 
The full version of my artist name is Zero Tolerance, which I shortened to Zero T about 10 years ago. I picked it when I was 16 years old. I liked a particularly uncompromising style of DnB and wanted a name that had some menace and threat to it. The term "zero tolerance policy" has come into regular use in the media in the mid 90s, so it stuck out as a good name to use. I shortened it to Zero T for purely practical reasons (shorter, looks bigger and better on posters/flyers and MC's can rhyme with it.....try finding a word that rhymes with Tolerance !!).
Have you ever had a weird/awkward experience whilst playing live? 
I once saw Ant TC1 topless just before going on stage at Outlook festival....I'm still not sure I've recovered to be honest!
What are your top 10 tracks that you’re feeling now?
1. DLR & Ulterior Motive - Modules (Sofa Sound)
2. Zero T - Too Close To See (Monty Remix) (Integral)
3. Klax - Become (ft Charli Brixx) (Critical)
4. Patife - On The Floor (V)
5. Tokyo Prose - Innate Motion (North Quarter)
6. Revaux - Colours (ft Charli Brixx) (Zero T Remix) (Lifestyle)
7. DJ Limited - To Be The First (Grid)
8. Phaction - Hard Truth (Metalheadz)
9. Jubei + Marcus Intalex - Fannys Your Aunt (Metalheadz)
10. Phase - Urban Angel (Metalheadz)


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